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MicroCAD Computer Technology Sdn Bhd has been established since 1992 when it began its business as a turnkey supplier of CAD/CAM solutions to the construction, engineering and design/manufacturing community utilizing AutoCAD software as the key component.

MicroCAD Computer Technology Sdn Bhd is run by a management team who bring along with them a total of more than 50 years of combined experience in the Information Technology industry. MicroCAD Computer Technology's business focus is to assist our customers to harness Information Technology 's solutions specific to their industry.

In 1995, Liebert Corporation USA appointed MicroCad Computer Technology Sdn Bhd as their Authorised Distributor in Malaysia for their full range of mini and micro series of UPS. For more that 30 years, Liebert has been an industry leader, renowned world wide for advanced environmental and power protection equipment, including precision air-conditioning, UPS, batteries and site monitoring systems.

Liebert has been providing tailored solutions for protecting the operation of critical electronic systems in a variety of industries. With our local expertise and service capabilities, we can tailor the right products to fit any customer's particular requirements.

Over the years, MicroCad has sold & installed Liebert's range of UPS at several prestigious sites.


LIEBERT'S range of computer support equipment caters for all your needs in protecting your computer system the products can be categorized as follows:

Precision Environmental Control System - Controls the humidity, filtration and air distribution of your data centre to a high precision level. The Liebert Precision Environmental Control system ranging from 1.5 ton to 30 ton that can cater the needs of data centre of all sizes.

Uniterruptible Power Supply (UPS) - Power Supply System which keeps your business on-line through brownout, sags, surges and outages. Liebert UPS systems spanning from 150VA right up to 3000KVA is definitely one of the largest range you can choose from, which are suitable for Personal Computers, Mini Systems or the Super Computers.

Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) and Active Tracking Filter Systems (ATF) - TVSS and ATF systems eliminate the damaging and disruptive effects of Transient Surges and Electrical.

Line Noise caused by lightning, power factor correction, system faults and RFI/EMI occurrences. Our TVSS and ATF systems provide the basic power protection required by today's facilities and are an essential aspect of Liebert's Total protection Solution.

Power Conditioning and Distribution - Provides efficient power management and allocation to your data centre while maintaining clean computer grade power to your system.

On-Line Site Management System - A nerve centre of the LIEBERT computer support systems which integrates Environmental, UPS and Power Distribution System through central monitoring and control capabilities to allow you to establish a comprehensive support envelope.

Total Turnkey Solution - Liebert's Total Computer Support Solution is renown for its Total Turnkey Capability. From the design of the computer room layout to putting up of the raised flooring system, security system, fire fighting system, standby generator system and finally commissioning the entire data centre to enable the replica rolex installation of your critical computer systems.

Your computer support requirement may be as enormous as a mainframe or a super computer setup or it may be as handy as a personal computer station or a Local Area Network system, which ever the case may be we have just the right product to suit your requirement.

With more than 22MVA UPS System installed in Malaysia, Liebert's UPS products are undoubtedly the leaders in the Malaysia market.

Our approach in providing solutions to the Malaysia IT users is unique - a single source for a Total Solution - right from the computer room design, preparation, management, control and after sales service support. From approval of drawings to project completion, engineers and site personnel will assist our clients in planning, co-ordination and continuously monitoring each phase of the various activities, ensuring smooth and timely progress of the entire installation.

Fine details such as equipment layout, wiring and able routing, radio frequency shielding, ceiling, partitioning, raised flooring system, refrigerant piping and others are clearly defined by our CAD system to allow our engineers as well as our clients to attain effective project management, execution and monitoring.

Upon the completion and hand-over of the data centre, our factory trained service engineers and technicians will assume the replica tag heuer responsibilities of ensuring that your hefty computer investments are protection at all times, operating within an optimum environment, controlled and conditioned by the LIEBERT equipment.

We carry comprehensive spare parts to maintain all our Liebert installations in Malaysia. There is a Liebert office in most of the major cities in the world where we can also get urgently parts within 72 hours. This stocking programme by Liebert worldwide will minimise the downtime of our Liebert systems. Our service department provides a maintenance programme tailored to suit your needs and is backed up with a 24 hours round the clock service.

We have the capability to undertake projects of any size in the design, installation, service and maintenance of Computer Support Systems with the joint commitment of Liebert Corporation, USA & Liebert Malaysia.


Today, MicroCad Computer Technology Sdn Bhd can offer a better and more comprehensive range of IT solutions and services from sales and maintenance of IT equipment and software packages, dealing in various types of computer systems and provision of maintenance services, software development and providing systems integration and software training services.

Over the years, we have improved advantages for existing & potential clients with the technical know-how passed down from our principals and coupled with the experience gained.

Finally we believe that it is vital to maintain a long term partnership with our customers. Naturally we provide all the technical expertise on installation and support services, however we shall endeavour to provide the best ongoing service & support into the future.


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